25 October 2006

“German soldiers desecrate a dead person.”

“German soldiers desecrate a dead person.” http://www.theberlinpaper.com/home/38583-0.html

History proves that the German military has never adhered to a code of honor. German soldiers have always lacked valor, aptitude even common sense. Consequently, Germany has never ‘won’ any wars – save for the massacre of unarmed civilians and the indigenous peoples.

[For background information, see August 3, 2006 entry: ‘Hornkrantz Massacre’]

22 October 2006

The minimum you should know about BYU and physics…

BYU no longer teaches physics; it owns physics!

18 October 2006

Journalistic ‘Sleight of Hand’

The minimum you’d expect an ‘honest’ journalist to tell you…

The alternative media and the 'independent' journalists are more eager than their mainstream counterparts to play the ‘three-card Monte,’ on the readers [because the mainstream media whorehouse is already overcrowded with ankle-grabbers and embedded journalists and has no room for new whores.]

Three-card Monte is a confidence game. A confidence trick, confidence game, also known as a con, scam, grift or flim flam, is an attempt to intentionally mislead a person or persons (known as the ‘mark’) usually with the goal of financial or other gain.

The confidence trickster, con man, grifter, scam artist or con artist often works with one or more accomplices called shills, who try to encourage the mark by pretending to believe the trickster. In the three-card Monte, the mark may initially be allowed to win one or two games in order for him to gain confidence. With this confidence, the mark may place a larger bet, which he would then lose.

The alternative media shills and the independent journalists initially provide readers with a seemingly 'good' reportage (usually sentimental in nature but insignificant, outdated, or inconsequential, and therefore of little or no value to the reader) to gain the readers' confidence.

The disinformation that follows thereafter is the journalistic sleight of hand. Sadly, some will never know they have been had!

Caveat emptor!

17 October 2006

It's all about poverty, stupid!

The thin film of religion that shrink-wraps the Middle East problems remains untouched by wave after waves of self-serving politicians who reflexively hide behind the ‘Jewish’ special interests. Little wonder because the all-encompassing ‘Semitic’ narrative and its carrot-and-stick contraption work wonders. And any aberration from the authorized narrative would be punished severely.

Twenty five centuries on, no one has ever received a confirmation from God, all be it in the form of an e-mail, corroborating any priorities bestowed upon any one religion, race or group of people. It would be antithetical, if one believes in infinite wisdom.

The fact is that the Middle East problems, as well as all other problems in the world, have little if anything to do with religion; they have much deeper roots. They've always had.

Religion is merely a convenient rallying point; it's always been.

With its perceived divinity, religion is a powerful narrative manufactured by the wealthy as a convenient buffer, a safety net, as it were, to keep the poor at bay. Religion is also the most common apparatus used by the poor to gain critical mass against poverty.

The problem with the Middle East and the ROW is the ridiculously disproportionate wealth distribution.

Here’re some excerpts from War, Lies & Videotape and other sources:
1. “Twenty-eight billionaires own more than the population of half of the world's countries.”

2. “The world's 200 richest people more than doubled their net worth in the four years [up] to 1998, to more than $1 trillion" .

3. “The total assets of the 793 billionaires increased 18% from last year to an impressive $2.6 trillion.”

4. The assets of the top three billionaires are more than the combined Gross National Product (GNP) of all the least developed countries and their 600 million people.

5. “About 840 million people [the figure must have increased somewhat since the report is a few years old ] are malnourished . . . nearly 1.3 billion live on less than a dollar a day, and close to l billion cannot meet their basic consumption requirements," the report states. "Nearly 160 million children are malnourished and more than 250 million children are working as child labor.”

6. "The income gap between the fifth of the world's people living in the richest countries and the fifth in the poorest was 74 to one in 1997".

7. “Of course, the statistics about the ‘richest countries’ don't really tell the whole story. In these countries a small handful of the population controls and benefits from the lion's share of the wealth. In the United States, for instance, just 1 percent of the population owns 40 percent of the wealth; the top 10 percent controls 80 percent of the wealth.”

Here’re a few excerpts from: http://www.igs.berkeley.edu/publications/par/summer2001/poverty.html

“The consequences of such extreme poverty are foreseeable and extensively documented: 13 percent of the world’s population (790 million) lack adequate nutrition, 17 percent (one billion) lack access to safe drinking water, 30 percent (over 2.4 billion) lack basic sanitation, approximately one billion adults are illiterate, 15 percent (more than 880 million) have no access to basic medical care, 17 percent (approximately one billion) lack adequate shelter, and 33 percent (2 billion) have no electricity.”

“Fully one third of all human deaths are due to poverty-related causes, such as starvation, diarrhea, pneumonia, measles, and malaria, which could be prevented or cured cheaply through food, safe drinking water, vaccinations, rehydration packs, or medicines. One quarter of all five to 14-year-olds work outside their family for wages, often under harsh conditions, in mining, textile and carpet production, prostitution, factories, and in agriculture.”

“Severe poverty is, of course, nothing new. What is new is the extent of global inequality. Real wealth is no longer limited to a small elite. Hundreds of millions enjoy a high standard of living with plenty of spare time, travel, education, cars, domestic appliances, computers, and so on. While average per capita annual income is about $82 in the bottom fifth (or quintile) and $131 among the bottom 46 percent of humankind, it is $26,000 in the so-called high-income economies consisting of 33 countries plus Hong Kong.”

“The collective income of the bottom quintile is about $100 billion annually or one third of one percent of the annual global product. The collective income of the bottom 46 percent is about $364 billion annually or 1.25 percent of the annual global product. By contrast, the high-income economies contain 14.9 percent of world population and control 78.4 percent of the global product.”

Now take the Palestinian example:

The number of Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories and the Diaspora reached 9.7 million in 2003.

Gaza Strip population increased to about 1.4 million in June 2006; the West Bank population reached 2.5 million.

That is, 1.4 million Palestinians live in the most squalid conditions under Israeli occupation in a small prison called the Gaza Strip (area=360 sq. km).

The GDP before the current bout of Israeli atrocities was about $600 per capita – and most Palestinians had to get permission to get out of their 'prison' each day.

In contrast, the Israeli GDP is $24,600 per capita - and they get all of their weapons of mass destruction from the US for free!

To summarize, the average Israeli income is 41 times the average income of a Palestinian 'inmate' in the Gaza Strip 'prison'. Whereas most Palestinians live in prison-like conditions, the Israelis live wealthy lifestyles in occupied Palestinian land.

So you see, it isn’t at all about religion; it is all about wealth - and how to project power to preserve the wealthy lifestyle!

God has never had anything to do with religion; he would have been wise enough to only create one religion: the one that ensures continuity of life and intelligence on Earth!

Additional sources: http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Media_control_propaganda/AchillesHeel_WLV.html

16 October 2006

Plot Holes in Al-anarkia 9/11 Script ...

... continued from July 17, 2006

You can’t have your cake and eat it, too!

Within the known universe [including Al-anarkia ficton] the following propositions [events, logical statements) cannot coexist - unless acted on by a third operator.

Proposition #1. Heavy steel construction buildings [built with about 100,000 tons of steel] do not explode, disintegrate into a fine powder midair and crumble symmetrically to their footprint, when hit by known flying objects. [True]

Proposition #2. The Twin Treasure Towers exploded, pulverized midair, and crumbled symmetrically [and conveniently] to their footprint. [True]

The two events are said to be pairwise mutually exclusive: they cannot both be true - occurrence of any one event automatically implies the non-occurrence of the remaining event.

[Plot Hole] Two steel-frame high-rise buildings designed to withstand almost anything, including hurricanes, bombings and strikes by airplanes both exploded, pulverized midair [identically] and crumbled [conveniently] into a pile of rubble when each building was hit by a flying carpet.

[Plot Hole] The official report by Al-anarkia authorities claimed that the Twin Treasure Towers collapsed because (i) they were hit by Flying carpets and (ii) the heat from a few leftover drops of Magical Jet Fuel from the Aladdin’s Lamp caused the steel frame to melt resulting in IDENTICAL collapses of both buildings (one tower completely disintegrated only 56 minutes after it was struck; the second tower took an hour and 42 minutes.

[Plot Hole] Stretching the audience’s willingness to extend suspension of disbelief to ridiculous levels: Anyone who has seen the controlled demolition of a high-rise building would immediately notice that high explosives were used to bring down the Twin Treasure Towers (and Building No. 7 - which wasn't even hit by a flying carpet!)

[Plot Hole] Enormous projection of pyroplastics (pulverized concrete, ashes, slags … and explosives), similar to volcanic eruptions, flow through the surrounding streets. Even the worst case samples of emotionally dysfunctional audience won’t connect the massive explosions with the impact of flying carpets.

(The following are summarized from:

[Plot Hole] Suddenness of the collapse: one moment the Twin Towers were there; the next moment, the first tower suddenly begins to collapse… and then the second building was suddenly gone!

[Plot Hole] Vertical collapse: to avoid damage to nearby buildings, the controlled demolition was painstakingly planned to bring down the Twin Treasure Towers (and later building No, 7) vertically and make them collapse on their own footprint.

[Plot Hole] Speed of the fall: The collapse of the Towers occurred almost at free-fall speed, a clear indication that high explosives were used to systematically demolish the Towers. This can occur because the supports for the lower floors are destroyed, so that when the upper floors come down, they encounter no resistance.[Plot Hole] Total Collapse: As with all other controlled demolitions the Twin Treasure Towers each supported by 47 massive steel box columns
collapsed into piles of rubble only a few stories high.

[Plot Hole] Demolition Rings: Small explosions that ran rapidly around the Towers were videotaped by eyewitnesses.

[Plot Hole] Sliced-off Steel Columns: In the Twin Treasure Towers, as with any other controlled demolitions of steel-frame buildings, the Al-anarkia authorities used explosives to chop the steel columns into manageable pieces that could easily be moved away. These explosions were the result of explosives used to cut through the massive steel columns that supported the towers.

[Plot Hole] Pulverized Concrete: The explosives used to slice steel in controlled demolition of steel-frame buildings have very high energy contents and
pulverize concrete and most other non-metallic substances into tiny particles.

[Plot Hole] Projection of pyroplastics: the most striking feature of controlled demolitions is the projection of pyroplastics, the high-energy production, ejection and flow of dust clouds from the buildings.

[Plot Hole] Horizontal Ejections: Another common feature of controlled demolition is the horizontal ejection of other materials, besides dust, from those areas of the building in which explosives are set off. In the case of the Twin Treasure Towers, photos and videos reveal heavy pieces of steel were ejected in all directions for distances up to 500 feet, while aluminum cladding was blown up to 700 feet away from the towers.

[Plot Hole] Molten Steel: For six months after the demolitions, the ground temperature reached up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Some of the steel beams pulled from the wreckage had molten steel dripping from their ends. Hot spots of molten steel were also found “at the bottoms of the elevator shafts of the main towers, down seven [basement] levels.” Apart from a nuclear bomb, only high explosives can create such tremendous amount of heat.

[Plot Hole] When the audience eventually refuses to extend suspension of disbelief to such ridiculous levels, having discovered that the building could only have been destroyed by controlled demolition [not by the impact of the Flying Carpets], they would see a gaping plot hole in the official tale.

[Plot Hole] The audience would conclude that:
The destruction of the World Trade Center was an inside job, orchestrated by domestic terrorists. Foreign terrorists could not have gotten access to the buildings to plant the explosives.

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