30 December 2007

A non-malevolent government...

The minimum you’d expect from a non-malevolent government... is to take every single measure possible to prevent the impending calamities:

05 December 2006

Two-Party Game of political 'Chutzpah'

The political chutzpah game is similar to the old practical joke, “slap the bald guy”: Two buddies in the movie theater [c.f., dark theater: a country where truth is censored] target a bald burly guy [the politically ignorant Joe Public] sitting in the row in front of them.

First guy, Mike, bets his buddy, Jack, that he can smack the muscleman on the head and get away with it. Mike then proceeds to deliver a noisy slap, while blurting in a chummy voice, "you old fraud, haven't seen you for months, where have you been hiding?" And before the bald guy, filled with tear, fear and rage, has had a chance to recover from the shock, Mike apologizes profusely for making what is obviously an "awful mistake." The bald guy, visibly shaken and upset, yet unable to retaliate due to the circumstances, just wants to be left alone to get on with the movie. So he quitely moves to another seat.

Jack, having lost the first bet, decides to recover his money and some. Doubling the stake, he bets Mike that he, too, can hit the bald guy and go scot-free. Jack then walks to the bald man's new seat and smacks him hard on the head: "you son of a gunn, we've been missing you. Where in the heck have you been? My buddy, back there, just smacked some poor guy on the head thinking it was you. Oh shit man, I'm so..."

And the two-party chutzpah game of slapping the bald guy on the head continues…

25 November 2006

Google Censorship - Freedom of Speech Violations by Google

This is a public information blog and a natural extension to the author’s expression of free speech.

Google has blocked this blog from its search engines for reason(s) unknown to the author. Google has not provided a satisfactory answer why they are preventing the public from viewing the information contained here.

Don't be surprised, when Google eliminates the last vestiges of free speech... If they can stick it to the Chinese, why not to everyone else, too?

TAKE ACTION! Boycott google NOW!

Google must not be allowed to remain in its current form. The company must be broken up to smaller units.

01 November 2006

The minimum you’d expect from CNN…

Issue Tracker
Of the following issues, which is "extremely important" in determining how you will vote this year?
The situation in Iraq: 49%
Terrorism: 46%
The economy: 33%
Illegal immigration: 29%
Moral Issues:
[Ethics in government] 25%
Total = 182% – presumably the additional votes are cast by the voting machines!
‘Results based on a phone survey of 1,014 adult Americans conducted October 27 through October 29, 2006, by Opinion Research Corporation, with a sampling error of +/-3% points’

… to never fail to provide disinformation!

25 October 2006

“German soldiers desecrate a dead person.”

“German soldiers desecrate a dead person.” http://www.theberlinpaper.com/home/38583-0.html

History proves that the German military has never adhered to a code of honor. German soldiers have always lacked valor, aptitude even common sense. Consequently, Germany has never ‘won’ any wars – save for the massacre of unarmed civilians and the indigenous peoples.

[For background information, see August 3, 2006 entry: ‘Hornkrantz Massacre’]

22 October 2006

The minimum you should know about BYU and physics…

BYU no longer teaches physics; it owns physics!

18 October 2006

Journalistic ‘Sleight of Hand’

The minimum you’d expect an ‘honest’ journalist to tell you…

The alternative media and the 'independent' journalists are more eager than their mainstream counterparts to play the ‘three-card Monte,’ on the readers [because the mainstream media whorehouse is already overcrowded with ankle-grabbers and embedded journalists and has no room for new whores.]

Three-card Monte is a confidence game. A confidence trick, confidence game, also known as a con, scam, grift or flim flam, is an attempt to intentionally mislead a person or persons (known as the ‘mark’) usually with the goal of financial or other gain.

The confidence trickster, con man, grifter, scam artist or con artist often works with one or more accomplices called shills, who try to encourage the mark by pretending to believe the trickster. In the three-card Monte, the mark may initially be allowed to win one or two games in order for him to gain confidence. With this confidence, the mark may place a larger bet, which he would then lose.

The alternative media shills and the independent journalists initially provide readers with a seemingly 'good' reportage (usually sentimental in nature but insignificant, outdated, or inconsequential, and therefore of little or no value to the reader) to gain the readers' confidence.

The disinformation that follows thereafter is the journalistic sleight of hand. Sadly, some will never know they have been had!

Caveat emptor!

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