15 July 2006

Al-Anarkia and The Martians Who Own The Big Oil

The Martians Who Own The Big Oil ...

Al-anarkia is one of the only two countries in the universe where Jewish supporters of Israel can buy the lease for three loss-making buildings (the Twin Treasure Towers and Building No 7) in the heart of her financial capital, Dodge’em city, have the demolition experts (coordinated by the Caliphate’s evil Grand Vizier) blow them up into easily transportable chunks (having first warned the Israeli occupants to evacuate the buildings), receive full spectrum military protection from the Caliphate’s armed forces before, during and after the demolitions, get the Caliphate’s security services foot the bill for the cost of demolitions, have the Transportation department haul away the debris at their expense (and on the double before they could be examined), receive full cooperation and logistics support from the city’s [degenerate] mayor (who couldn’t give a damn as dozens of his brave firefighters were being sent to their deaths- was subsequently knighted by the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland, presumably for his chivalry and bravery at keeping a straight face and not spilling the beans,) successfully claim the insurance money... and get the mind mechanics and disinformation experts to tell everyone that the ‘Jews’ didn’t do it (of course not, the green Martians who own the big oil must have done it!)

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