17 July 2006

Part V - A Multitude of Plot Holes

Part V - A Multitude of Plot Holes in The 9/11 Flying Carpets and the Magic Jet Fuel from Aladdin's Lamp

Plot holes, you may recall, pop out when 'something happens during the story that seems highly unlikely, or would be impossible to imitate in real life.'

The first series of big plot holes in the fictional tale of The 9/11 Flying Carpets and the Magic Jet Fuel from Aladdin’s Lamp appear just as the plot is about to unfold. The unreal events that generate the plot include:

[Plot hole] A group of 19 lesser genies from Al-Cock-a-doodle-doo 'terrorist genies without borders' having received training in the acts of black magic, sorcery and terror from the surly virtual Genie, Osama Bin Gurian [and his sidekicks], enter Al-Anarkia to wreak havoc UNCHALLENGED.How could that be?

[Plot hole] Al-anarkia wastes over 1 trillion dollars in ‘defense spending’ each year and has established military bases in 130 countries throughout the universe. She trains tens of thousands of agents, spies, informers, terror specialists, fake terror networks [set up to train and entrap the ‘real terrorists’], pimps, drug dealers, street fighters, terror gangs... in EVERY single country throughout the universe.How could the ‘terrorists’ score so high and with such apparent ease?

Well, er... actually 'they' didn't.

REM: Deus ex machine. Deus ex machine, a Latin phrase meaning 'God from the Machine,' describes an “unexpected, artificial, or improbable character, device, or event introduced suddenly in a work of fiction or drama to resolve a situation or untangle a plot.”And why would they want to do such things?

[Plot hole] The genies want to kill Al-anarkians because, we are told, “they hate our freedoms!”

[Plot hole] Rather than being turned away or arrested at the borders as genies of ill-repute (we learn that they are on the intelligence agencies ‘Terror Lists’) they are welcomed to Al-anarkia with open arms. [Bear in mind that Al-anarkia’s annual defense budget tops 1 trillion dollars, and her spying agencies control every phone call, email, fax...]

[Plot hole] In fact, their entry to the country is made conveniently easy by the Mock Caliph himself, who has previously changed the visa requirements for the genies.

[Plot hole] On the fateful morning of 9/11 they hijack four flying carpets and attack various targets [according to the official account]... Their 100 percent success rate in hijacking the 4 carpets can only be superhuman!Such high rates of success are only achievable in fiction or in videogames.

[Plot hole] They manage to fly the carpets and hit the intended targets hundreds of miles away even though they have little or no experience in flying or navigating the flying carpets.

REM: Ficton.“Ficton is an imaginary world that serves as the setting or backdrop for a story. A ficton can be identical to our world (save a few details) or different from it in every aspect - depending on the wishes of the author.”

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