27 July 2006

Victims of Israeli Death Machine (Part 1)

Victims of Israeli Death Machine

A partial list of known victims of Israeli death machine:

Israeli murder victims list includes Palestinians, Jordanians, Egyptians, Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Nigerians, Fins, Canadians, Chinese, Lebanese, Americans … each and every victim a person with a unique identity, a human being with emotions, dreams and aspirations, yet all denied a future by the Jewish State’s death machine.

2006 - Israeli air force killed four U.N. military observers (including a Chinese, a Fin, An Austrian and a Canadian) using precision bombing on Tuesday in an attack in south Lebanon which United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan described as "apparently deliberate".

China on Wednesday felt "deeply shocked" by and "strongly condemned" an Israeli air raid on a United Nations post in south Lebanon, and urged for immediate ceasefire.

2006 – [July 26, 2006] In the current waves of Israeli aggression in Lebanon, so far, 422 people have been killed and 1,833 wounded, Lebanese Ministry of Health reports. Among the perished are 8 Canadian citizens, 2 Kuwaitis.


Professor of law at Ohio State University, Quigley is author of numerous books on international law including "Genocide Convention" and "Palestine and Israel: A Challenge to Justice."

He said today: "Yesterday's bombing of the UN compound has striking parallels with the shelling in April 1996 by Israel of the UN compound at Qana, Lebanon, when:

1. IDF [Israel Defense Forces] knew that this was a UN compound, because it was a long-established UN compound.

2. IDF knew at the time of firing that it was a UN compound and inhabited, because IDF had a drone overhead sending real-time pictures back to the gunners.

3. Shelling went on for a period of time, during which UN officials made desperate phone calls to IDF positions telling them they were killing civilians and asking them to stop.

4. UN complained (General Assembly passed a resolution of condemnation of Israel), but Israel made no serious investigation and wrote it off as a tragic mistake."

Quigley was involved in filing a complaint over the shelling of Qana to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

2006 - 9 June 2006. An Israeli naval boat stationed off the coast of Beit Lahya fired seven successive artillery shells at civilians on the beach in the Waha area, north of Beit Lahya. The shells landed on the beach, which had been crowded with men, women and children at the time. Eight people including Seven civilians from the same family (father, mother and five children) were killed.

2006 - A further thirty-two civilians, including thirteen children, were injured. Two of the injured sustained serious wounds. On 13 June, another attack was carried out on a Gazan highway, killing eleven and injuring thirty. On June 20th, three Palestinian children were killed and 15 others wounded in a failed extrajudicial execution attempt carried out by Israel.

Israeli occupation forces have killed over 3,000 Palestinian civilians since the Intifada began. Israel’s contempt for Palestinian life stretches from the privates in its occupying army to its prime minister. Israel kills Palestinian civilians not only intentionally but also routinely, and this has been true for decades. The patterns speak for themselves.

2006 - Statistics related to Al Aqsa Intifada:

Starting 29 September, 2000- updated 09 June, 2006

source: http://www.pchrgaza.org/Library/alaqsaintifada.htm#_ftnref2

3063 Palestinians Civilians have been killed by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) forces in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

A further 497 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in armed clashes in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

8850 Palestinians have been wounded by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the Intifada.

14000 Palestinians have been wounded by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in the West Bank territory since the beginning of the Intifada.

Palestinian children account for 19.3% of the total number of Palestinians killed by Israeli occupying forces during Al Aqsa Intifada.

In addition 8 journalists and six foreigners have been killed in the OPT

House Demolitions in the Gaza Strip:
Number of Palestinians whose house were totally demolished: 24768
Number of Palestinians whose houses were partially demolished: 25211
Number of Palestinians whose houses were totally demolished in Rafah: 15427
Number of Palestinians whose houses were partially demolished in Rafah: 13457Approximately

13% of Gaza’s agricultural land has been leveled since the beginning of Al Aqsa Intifada.

A total of 31,634,000 square meters of land in Gaza Strip have been leveled by the Israeli military.

Total number of houses demolished: 5,526 units.

2004 - Israeli army shoots two more schoolchildren in Rafah classroom June 2, 2004. http://www.thewe.cc/contents/more/archive2004/may/war_2004_may_images_4.html

2003 - Israeli Soldiers Shot Tom Hurndall, 22, a British ISM Activist while he was protecting children in Rafah from Israeli gunfire on April 10, 2003.

2003 - Israeli occupation forces shot James Miller, a British filmmaker in the head and watched him bleed to death.

2002 - Ian Hook, a British United Nations worker, was shot and killed by the Israeli military on November 22, 2002. http://www.counterpunch.org/butterfly1123.html

2001 (September 11) More than 3,000 people were murdered in the so-called “Mother of All [....] Lightnings”, the 9/11 controlled demolition of the Twin Towers at WTC, NY. The Zionist Jewish owner who had leased the loss-making Towers (and Building No 7 WTC) shortly before the “lightning” struck received a multi billion dollar insurance settlement. Details of controlled demolition can be found at http://911review.com/ , http://www.physics.byu.edu/research/energy/htm7.html and many other sites on the internet).

1996 - The Israeli Massacre of Civilians at Qana - April 18, 1996, 155 mm Israeli shells donated by Uncle Sam rained down on Lebanese men, women, and children taking refuge in a UN peace-keeping compound in Qana, southern Lebanon, to escape Israeli air, sea, and land bombardment of their towns and villages, and as a result, the bodies of 102 Arab civilians were shattered to pieces.

1996 - Leading up to the Qana massacre, 17 villages had been flattened, over a half million people had been rendered homeless, more than 200 had been murdered, and hundreds were wounded, in what was named as operation "Grapes of Wrath". Israeli Prime Minister Peres, who was granted the Nobel Prize for Peace, ordered the bombing blitz. The entire world, with the exception of the White House, condemned this barbaric attack conducted intentionally against defenseless civilians.http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-genocide-palestinian-qana.htm

1982 - In 1982 Israeli troops attacked southern Lebanon, including Beirut and the Beirut–Damascus road waging war in a heavily populated areas including many Palestinian refugee camps. Israeli troops killed as many as 18,000 Palestinian and Lebanese civilians. As with the current Israeli attack whole streets and blocks of Lebanese cities—Tyre, Sidon, and Beirut—were destroyed and a number of refugee camps (Rashidiye near Tyre, Ein al Hilwe near Sidon, and others) were completely demolished.

1982–1985 – Israeli Occupation Forces captured and executed many hundreds of Shiite resistance fighters. Israelis detained thousands of ‘suspects’ without trial, used torture systematically against suspects and demolished houses of resistance fighters.

1993 – during the first Intifada and leading to signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993, Israeli Occupation Forces and Israeli death squads murdered 1,162 Palestinians (241 of them children…)

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